Manage a configuration

# Manage a configuration

This part of the documentation is important for approval process to work properly. Without creating a configuration, the processes in the background don't work.

Configuration is done through TALXIS Configuration - Purchase approval entity records. You can find it in the Settings area in the TALXIS procurement application.

# Where to find the configuration

Purchase configuration records are located in the Settings area, in the TALXIS Configuration - Purchase approval

View of configurations

# Create a configuration record

  1. Navigate to Settings area.
  2. Select TALXIS Configuration - Purchase approval subarea and select New.
    Create new configuration

After pressing the New button, the purchase invoice form will open. More about forms here.

Procurement configuration

  1. Fill in a form.
Field Definition
Configuration Name Name for the given configuration.
Accounting Email Users who belong to the accounting department.
Approval Reminder After how many hours an alert should arrive for a pending Approval.
Due Date Reminder How many days before the due date of the invoice should be user notified.
Check Availability In Next Hours After how many hours to check if the user is available for Approval.
All Must Approve Above Limit An invoice that must be approved by the chief approvers if the invoice exceeds the given price.
  1. Save the form
    The saved form should look like the photo below.

Filled in procurement configuration form

# Add chief approver

After saving the form, it is possible to add chief approvers. Just press the Add existing User button and select a user.

Subgrid with chief approvers and button to add existing user
Add chief approver

Select and add user
Add chief approver

Added user to chief approvers subgrid
Add chief approver