# Milestones

# Visual Example

Milestones Displayed On Form

# Description

Milestones is custom control used to monitoring the project. There are some milestones (phases) of the project - Quotation, Design, Logistics, Installation, etc.

Each milestone has planned start/end, estimated start/edn and actual start/end. From this data milestone control can count if the project is going on time or there is some delay.

You can go through milestones using the arrow, when u jump into new milestone, previous will be closed (set actual end) and new one will be set to active and actual start is filled.

# Binding Field

Control can be binded to any field of type SingleLine.Text.

# Inputs

  • Mode
    • Single
    • Multiple
  • Entity Name (required) - Logical name of entity
    • Example: talxis_project
  • Id (required) - Id of the record
    • Example: talxis_projectid
  • Milestones Relationship (required)
    • Logical name of relationship with milestones entity
    • Example: talxis_talxis_projectdetail_talxis_milestone_projectdetailid
  • Active Instances Relationship (required)
    • Example: talxis_talxis_projectdetail_talxis_projectprocessinstance_projectdetailid
  • Multiple Child Relationship
    • Example: talxis_talxis_project_talxis_projectdetail_projectid
  • Child Entity Name
    • talxis_projectdetail
  • Child Entity Id Field
    • talxis_projectdetailid
  • Milestone Name Field - Displayed name of the milestone