WBS - Work Breakdown Structure

# WBS - Work Breakdown Structure

# Visual Example

Gantt Displayed On Form

WBS View Displayed On Form

# Description

This control is used to creating records of project task. There is a overview of all tasks related to project in callendar.

# Binding Fields

Control can be binded to any filed of type SingleLine.Text

# Inputs

  • Mode - Specifies whether the fomr is binded to Project or Project Detail
    • Project
    • Project Detail
  • Object Id - Specifies the id of current Project/Project Detail
  • Object Name - Spcifies the name of current Project/ Project Detail
  • Gant Item Field Name - Name of field to be displayed in Gannt

# Display Mode

You can switch between view and gantt mode by the button.

# Time Display

You can choose what are the time periods of displayed tasks. Options are:

  • Half-Days
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months

# Drag and Drop - Changing start/end date of project tasks

It is possible to change start/end date of project task by drag and drop.

Snapping (where the item snaps) is set by Time Display:

  • Period = Half-Days or Days - Items snap to Half-Days
  • Period = Weeks - Items snap to Days
  • Period = Months - Items snap to Weeks