Phone Picker

# Phone Picker

# Visual Example

Email Picker Displayed On Form

# Description

This control is used to enter a phone number in field. It is checking the format of phone and also there is a function to verify the phone.

# Binding Field

Control can be binded to field of type SingleLine.Phone, SingleLine.Text and SingleLine.

# Inputs

  • Default Country Code - Set to "CZ" by default.
  • Place Holder Message - Default vaule is "---"
  • Call Feature
    • Disabled
    • Enabled (default)
  • Enforce Mobile - Enforce mobile phone or allow landline
    • Disabled
    • Enabled (default)
  • Verification Feature
    • Disabled (default)
    • Enabled

Using Verication Feature

  • Entity Name (required)
  • Record Id (required)