TALXIS Configuration - Announcements

# TALXIS Announcements

With TALXIS Announcements you can make global notifications for all or for certain group of users.

# TALXIS Configuration - Announcement

Field name Description
talxis_configuration_announcementid ID of the record
talxis_actionlabel The label for the action in the message.
talxis_contactfilterquery Advanced filter query options to scope down user group to whome announcement will be shown.
talxis_eventhandler The function to execute when the action label is clicked.
talxis_finishon (Recommended) Defines date and time of announcement end. If not provided, announcement will be shown forever
talxis_level (Required) Defines the level of notification. Valid values are:
      ○ 1: Success
      ○ 2: Error
      ○ 3: Warning
      ○ 4: Information
talxis_message (Required) The message to display in the notification.
talxis_name Name of the announcement record.
talxis_showclosebutton Indicates whether or not the user can close or dismiss the notification. If you don't specify this parameter, users can't close or dismiss the notification by default.
talxis_starton (Required) Defines date and time of announcement start.
talxis_type Defines the type of notification. Currently, only a value of 2 is supported, which displays a message bar at the top of the app.

Sample record:

TALXIS Configuration - Announcement Record

More info: If you need more info on this topic you can visit official Microsoft documentation (opens new window) for global notifications in PowerApps