# Procurement

Procurement is an application developed primarily for the management and approval of purchase invoices, but also the maintenance of a database of organizations and contacts or activities such as tasks, phonecalls, appointments etc.

# Organizations and contacts management

The application makes it easy to manage the organizations you work with. You can create new suppliers, customers, partners, etc. Each organization can be assigned a parent organization if it is a subsidiary and assigned a primary contact with whom you communicate within the organization. More about organizations and contacts.

# Sending purchase invoices for the approval process

When a company needs to buy services or products, it is good for the issued invoice to go through the approval process and thus avoid an overpriced or excessive purchase. With procurement application, this problem is solved. You can create a purchase invoice that will be approved before it is issued to avoid conflicts.

Invoice approval notifications are sent to Email or MS teams, where the user can select an action of purchase invoice.

MS Teams
Approval in MS Teams

Approval in Outlook

# Mark purchase invoice as paid

After the purchase invoice has been approved by all approvers, it is automatically sent to the accountant for payment. When the payment is made, they can confirm via email or MS Teams that the invoice has been paid.