Create and manage a project

# Create and manage a project

Each purchase invoice belongs to a specific project so that we have an overview when issuing invoices.

# Where are the projects?

All projects can be found in the Projects group on the sitemap.

After clicking on the Active subarea, a view with records will open. More about views here.

Project group

# Create a project

  1. In the Projects group, select Active subarea.
  2. Press the New button at the top
    Create purchase invoice

After pressing the New button, the project form will open. More about forms here.

Project form

  1. Fill in a form.
    There are many fields in the form that can be filled in. Not all fields and controls are available immediately after opening the form, but only after saving the form.

To create a project, just enter the project name, as this field is required.

There are also other fields on the form such as scheduled project start, Expected cost, expected income, etc.

  1. Save the form
    The saved form should look like the photo below.
    Filled in purchase invoice form

# Timeline

The timeline is used to store activities linked to a record. More information about timeline here.

Timeline in project

# Accounts

Within the project, you can include the accounts to which the project applies. To add an account, press three dots and add an existing account.

Add account to project

# Deactivate project

If the project is no longer active, you can deactivate it.


Never delete records, always deactivate them.

Deactivate project