# Timeline


The timeline is used to store activities linked to a record. Almost every form contains a timeline. Activities can be:

  • Appointment
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Task

# Create activity from the timeline

Example: We called with the customer (type of account) and we want to save it in the timeline so that we know when someone else opens the same record will no longer have to call the customer.

To create new activity, click + button in the Timeline. After pressing the button, a menu of activities will open from which you can choose. Select one and a quick create form will open.

Create activity from the timeline

# Actions with activity

When you hover your mouse over an activity in the Timeline, you'll see the actions you can do with the activity. You can also press the Expand all records button to see a menu of actions for each activity.

Hover mouse over an activity
Activity operations

Expand all records
Expand all records

Assign activity Assign activity
You can assign the activity to yourself, another team member, or to an entire team.

Close activity Close activity
When closing an activity, you can choose whether it is completed or canceled.

Open activity record Open record
The activity form opens.

Delete activity Delete
Delete activity.

Sample: Timeline in opportunity form

Timeline in opportunity