# Tags

Tags describe information about record and make it easy to locate related records that have the same tag. In the example below, you can see the tags created for the contact.


So now if we want to search for all records that contain blue eyes, just type in the search: blue eyes.

Search tag

# Add a tag

You have 2 options for adding a tag. Either add it from the suggestion list that appears as you type or create a new tag. Both processes are described below.


To add tags to a new record, you must first save the record. Then you will be able to add tags.

# Create a new tag

One way to add a tag is to create a new tag. Just type the tag name and then press enter.

create tag

# Add a tag from suggestion list

The second way to add a tag is to select it from the suggestion list. The suggestion list shows already created tags that are used on other records.

Add tag from suggestions

# Delete a tag

To delete a tag, just click on the trash icon icon.

Delete tag