Terminate contract

# Terminate contract

To keep your contracts on track, you have an option to terminate them. When terminating a contract, you have an option to fill Valid To attribute if the contract validity doesn't end right away.

# How to terminate a contract

  1. Navigate to an active contract you want to terminate.
  2. Click the Terminate Contract button in the ribbon.

Terminate Contract Button

  1. Dialog on the right side of the screen will appear.

Here you have an option to specify when the validity of the contract will end.

Terminate Contract Dialog

  1. Click the Close Contract button.

After termination finishes, the page will reload and you will see your terminated contract.

Terminated Contract

# Contract with amendments

If you terminate a contract with amendments, it will also end the amendments.

Valid amendments will have a new status reason Cancelled, and drafted ones will be Discarded.