Amend valid contract

# Amend valid contract

Amendments are for modificating, correcting, deleting from, or adding to existing contracts.

We have a simple solution so you can comfortably create new amendments to an existing contract using one button. Amendments are tracked as type Amendment whether their parent contracts have type Original contract. You'll find all amendments on the parent contract in the Amendments tab.


You can amend only contracts with status reason Valid.

# Create an amendment

  1. Navigate to the valid contract you want to amend.


A contract becomes valid after it is signed by a counterparty: Mark contract as signed.

  1. Click the Create Amendment button.

On the top of the form, there is a ribbon where you'll find a button called Create Amendment if the contract is Valid.

Create Amendment Button

A background process will take care of the rest. After it finishes, it'll navigate you to the new amendment.

New Amendment

  1. New amendment.

After the new amendment form opens you can notice that the basic information is identical to its parent. Only attributes Document Type and Parent Contract are different. Document Type is Amendment and Parent Contract refers to the original contract.

# See all original contract amendments

  1. Navigate to the original contract.
  2. Choose the Amendments tab.

All amendments related to this original contract are here.

All Related Amendments

# Amend an existing amendment

Amending an amendment works the same as amending a valid contract. The amendment has to be Valid and it is done using the Create Amendment button.